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Archive of articles T.O.O. and Nitro posted on importracing.com's chat board


The Old One  Archive

Last updated 1/26/01 - added the search function.

Note: Some readers have criticized the spelling and grammatical errors that pervade 
much of text in the archive. We are sorry for the distraction, but almost all of these  topics were written on the fly in an attempt to answer questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible. These messages have been posted without any editing whatever and we will be making corrections as time permits. 

While some answers written in haste on the board will, no doubt contain some errors, 
we are making every attempt to make new articles as error free as possible.


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Topics covered by the ENDYN staff in the past:

General Thoughts & Philosophy
Engine Stuff:
Engine Block...
our opinion on block guards
how to properly increase deck height

Cylinder Heads...
comments on head porters
What is a quench area?
piston designbasic-headwork-n-the-professor

Cams, Valve Lash, Timing...
tuning with cam gears
comments on cam timing

RPM, R/S Ratio, Piston Speed, Geometries...
comments on B20B and rod to stroke ratio
comments on motor geometry
relationship of piston diameter & rod to stroke ratio
comments on ZC engine, aerodynamics

Other Engine Stuff...
comments on aftermarket ignition systems
comments on in cylinder pressure sensors
comments on air velocity
comments on intake design
comments on intake manifold design
comments on kamikaze headers
comments on manifold fabrication
comments PCV breather
comments on pullies and harmonic balancers
how to remove distributor rotor
Supercharger Stuff:
Cool Readings:
Miscellaneous Performance Issues:

Frank's thoughts on The Old One

This is how I met Larry Widmer.  For me it has been the best thing to come out of my efforts on my Powered By Honda page.

Originally I went on to the www.importracing.com board to verify what I had heard from EdDSP about somebody added .625" deck height to their Honda block in order to achieve better rod/stroke ratio.  I posted there to get info on what the procedure is to properly perform such a modification to the engine block.  T.O.O. promptly gave me a very detail write up on the painstaking (anal?? heheh...) methods he used.  Right then I already know I was in touch with an experienced engine builder.  Little did I know how experienced and how much knowledge he really posses!

I started to hang out at the board a little bit, helping to answer some questions whenever I feel I can contribute.  It was kind of tough actually, because even from the beginning I know T.O.O. was no old fool.  I could've easily made myself looked like a real fool.  Early on the board had lot of "I can kick your butt" type of posts which I just ignored.  I hung around for only one sole reason, to learn more about T.O.O. since I was skeptical of some of his claims.  Bur his ability to create pictures in people's minds and use of metaphors and simple terms to provide technical answer that everyone can easily understand was easily recognized.

I also started to hear about the supercharger kit he was working on and boy it sounds too good to be true. I started to try to picking T.O.O.'s brains by asking him various questions (partly because I was kind of skeptical because some of the things he talk about are kind of far fetched when looked at by "conventional" tuning theories).  He fully satisfied my inquiries and always provided more meaty answers than I was seeking.

As time passes I learn that he is far more knowledgeable than anybody I personally know. Then I started to save all his posts so I can go back and read them. It is a gold mine. Now you can check them out for yourselves. Couple of posts that should not be missed are the Pro Stock engine article and the World Series.

What is really great about T.O.O. is all the times he is taking to help out the import racers (generally speaking it's a young crowd). Nobody has taken so much time to help out and ask for nothing. Every now on then people on the board bicker about his vaporware (so far) kit. But rest assured that when it is finally done it will be the finest kit ever engineered.

 T.O.O. is well aware of the interest. But T.O.O. will not let the kit out unless it is absolutely worth to bear the Endyn name. In all his previous (and all current) projects which were all contracted high end racing team or defense industry work, never once has he let a project out prematurely (actually usually he was probably given a dead line). The Honda blower program started as his hobby project. Something happened by chance* and brought T.O.O. to the net. T.O.O. originally came on the net to seek information himself. As people learned about the project, interests grew and T.O.O. began incorporating features that people requested.

* What happened was somebody on a board posted he saw a white Civic dragging with a wheelie bar somewhere in Texas, and asked if anybody else had seen it. To everyone that seem like some kind of joke, wheelie bar on Honda's??? Hahaha...  look at now, wheelie bar on nearly every fast Honda's.  Words got to T.O.O. that someone had seen the car run and posted on the net. T.O.O. just came out to check what people knew. T.O.O. had lot of first hand bad experiences with few companies in the current import market. The young enthusiasts he saw at the import races reminded him of the younger days, and the Hot Rod generation before. He believes we deserve better and that why he has taken all these time to design and engineer the supercharger kit along with many other components.

Frank M. Lin

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Archive of articles T.O.O. and Nitro posted on importracing.com's chat board