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T.O.O. tells how we're getting involved

Moving Forward - A Sales Commentary

Many businesses are started with the direct intent of making money from selling specific products and there are others that begin with hobbies, run amuck. The later, originated from a necessity for something that is not on the market, or unpleasant dealings, turned into lessons of "they didn't say this would happen!"

Unfortunately, finding out what was no good was quite costly, as not only did you pay for the cost of the component, but also the other components that it ruined when it failed. I've often said that the lessons that I learned the best, were those that cost me the most. That statement is as true today as when I first said it 40 years ago.

I believe that old adage about treating people the way you'd like to be treated yourself pretty much sums up the way that a business / customer relationship should work. I also believe that the best customer is an educated consumer and over the past few years, I've attempted to provide some unbiased universal education through answers to questions posed by "hungry" minds.

This notion is especially important these days because the entire nature of modern sales has become an impersonal experience, where the customer and manufacturer never actually meet. The fact that there is little or no direct interaction between the two entities creates the opportunity for considerable misunderstanding.

We've always avoided that possibility by limiting our customers to a number that's in a comfort zone for us. With the exception of products that we allow others to manufacture and distribute, our components and services have always been available in lesser numbers, which has allowed us to maintain unequaled quality and response to our market. We don't sell car parts, we sell quality.

On the Honda front, this means that we've designed and built components as if they were for ourselves. Every piece that comes from Endyn is sold because it's what we use in our own rides and we've proven its worth in both performance and quality.

As servicing the Honda enthusiasts will be out first "commercial" venture in twenty five years, we've been taking time and some unusual steps to insure that we don't fall prey to the same problems other Honda orientated businesses have experienced several years back. So, we're going to try to do it better. Better parts, better service, better tech, better pricing, better everything.

Many of the products that we've recommended to accompany our systems will now be available directly from Endyn, insuring that there are no mistakes and the components are the latest generations at the best possible pricing. This particular move has been directly in response to customers' requests to date and our goal is to provide what the customers want, unless it's potentially harmful to their combination. In this case, we'll provide the reasons "why" that component shouldn't be used.

We are currently selling Honda related components to distributors and, although it might take a few weeks to be completely up to speed, direct sales are right around the corner. I appreciate all those who have dealt with us in the Honda marketplace and I fully intend to use our capabilities to make the entire Honda aftermarket a better and more competitive place to shop. The customers' satisfaction is the most important aspect of this exercise and if we succeed in making customers happy, the entire sport will continue to grow. Endyn believes that Hot Rodding needs this new blood to survive and we're going to do what we can to solidify this great new movement. Bare with us, the ride's going to be very rewarding.

- The Old Ono, October, 1999

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