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Endyn modified Bosch fuel pumps

Endyn Fuel Pump

We have been using the Bosch pump for several years in most of our high performance applications. 

The reasons for using this particular pump began when the Walbro / Holley pumps we'd used began to lose pumping pressure, while attempting to provide the necessary fuel output and volume necessary to feed engines with our modified Eaton blowers. 

The conventional performance pumps were never intended to supply the high pressures needed for single injector systems. Single injectors of stock or moderate flow capacity are necessary because they will idle within legal limits, and in most systems using Honda ECU's, the flow rates are increased by a regulator to provide the fuel for boosted applications.

We've not seen an injector casualty yet, but the small diameter fuel pumps can't operate in these flow ranges, which are often in the 100 psi range.  So the Bosch pump is actually a substitute for a fully programmable ECU and multiple injectors in supercharger systems. 

As is evidenced by the photo, the Bosch pump is much larger than the Walbro unit and it's a tight fit in the fuel tank (the pump pictured has been shortened 1"), but it can be installed with the pick-up in the original location. For those who wish, the pump also works very well as an externally mounted unit too.

We've looked for a couple years attempting to find an alternate pump that is more compact and (in tank) friendlier to install, but when the diameter of the armature is reduced any, the performance takes a dive. 

The best thing we can say is that unless you're making more than 750 hp, you'll never buy another pump for any reason.

We use it and recommend it for these reasons. 

- The Old One 12/99

Pump Dimensions: Diameter 2.45" Length 7.50" (shortened)
Price: $239 stock Bosch, $279 modified by us (shortened to fit in stock location)

* Wiring is identical to the stock Honda pump *

Performance Data: Bosch 10208
psi flow in lbs/hr flow in gal/hr amps
0 405 67.5 5.4
20 375 62.5 6.9
50 320 53.33 9.0
70 300 50 10.4
100 250 41.66 12.2
120 210 35 13.3

As you can see from these performance figures, this pump is not a tinker-toy, but a serious racing component designed for high performance and long life, whether on the street or race track.


tiny-endyn.jpg (1987 bytes)

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Endyn modified Bosch fuel pumps